Collaborating with enABLE Care Management

enABLE believes strongly in partnerships and collaboration. Care Managers collaborate with families and ecosystems of clients, internally with each other and with external vendor partners to make sure all needs are met for our Clients. Find out how you can collaborate with us to move the happiness needle of those we work with, and those that you work with as well. From Clients, to family members, to vendor partners, it is our mission to make life better for everyone we work with.

How We Collaborate with Families and Ecosystems

At enABLE Care Management, we know that we are one member of a trusted ecosystem surrounding our Clients. Families are invited to collaborate and track the daily care of their loved one by logging into Care Tree, a program that we use to chart our visits, care plans and appointments. Quarterly Care Plans are sent out so that families or Responsible Parties understand the needs of their loved one and any changes that they might be going through. Care Conferences are scheduled when we need to check in about our Clients and of course we are constantly discussing and collaborating on their care in real time. Every step of the way, it’s a collaboration between enABLE and the client’s ecosystem. We also have a dedicated Community Liaison who works to thoroughly and thoughtfully vet every vendor that we bring in to work with a Client when an outside need arises, ensuring that we only recommend vendors that we would use for our own needs. We see ourselves as part of a team, working hand-in-hand with families and ecosystems to make sure it all gets done and that our Clients goals are front and center.

How We Collaborate as an enABLE Care Management Team

Care Manager

enABLE’s unique structure allows us to offer a multitude of specialized services, within the Care Management scope, lead by a dedicated Care Manager. The specialties we offer within our Care Management service are listed below. Some people sign up to work with us for Care Management with a Care Manager and get access to all of our services with the Care Manager as the “Conductor”. Others might just need a little bit of help in one specialized area of our services which is where our ELEVATE program comes into play. With the ELEVATE program, you can tap into one or more services that specifically apply to your needs, regardless of whether or not you are a Care Management Client of ours. You can pick and choose from the following ala carte offerings:

  • Nutrition Services with a Registered Dietician
  • Exercise Services with a Personal Trainer
  • Mediation Services with a Professional Mediator
  • End of Life Services with a Doula
  • Home Safety Services with a Home Safety Specialist
  • Medication Management with a Registered Nurse
  • Placement Services with a Placement Specialist
  • Enrichment Services with a Recreational Therapist

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Stand alone offerings to elevate existing services.

How We Collaborate with Vendors + Professional Partners

At the end of the day, we are all better off when we improve the circumstances of those aging in our community. By working in conjunction with our trusted vendor partners, we are able to help their clients and they are able to help ours.

  • We have compiled a team of experts within enABLE to provide a well rounded service offering to our clients and these services are also available not only to our clients, but also to our vendor partners. If you specialize in one area of expertise but realize that your clients could use some additional services, enABLE works directly with your team to implement our services in the area where there is a need.

  • enABLE has a vast network of trusted vendors + professionals with whom we work together with to move the needle for our aging community. We believe in clear and regular communication to ensure that Clients get the most out of any service that is being offered to them. We fill in gaps for other vendors who may need to tap into a service that we offer. And we refer out to vendor partners who have offerings that are different from ours in the interest of our Clients. We manage a broad spectrum of different areas of life, we aren’t experts in every area so we rely on expert partners to help when needed. If we cannot do something for a client, we will pull from our list of vetted partners to fill the need.


Caregivers to brush up on nutrition and cooking skills

A caregiving agency with a need for their caregivers to brush up on nutrition and cooking skills signs up for enABLE’s Nutrition Services to work with our Registered Dietician to enhance their understanding of food and comfort in the kitchen.

Staff to learn more about enrichment

A community recognizes a need for their staff to learn more about enrichment. Our Community partner signs up for enABLE’s Enrichment program to enhance their ability to provide Enrichment for their clients.

A vendor offering financial services

A vendor offering financial services sees a need for their client to have some additional help and reaches out to us for Care Management Services.

client of a Fiduciary is having trouble managing their medications at home

A client of a Fiduciary is having trouble managing their medications at home. enABLE is brought in to help their client with Medication Management.

A trust attorney is helping a client update

A trust attorney is helping a client update their estate plan and recognizes a need for additional planning in other areas of life. They reach out to enABLE for our ENHANCE Virtual Services to help them plan and get organized.

enABLE has a client who needs to have some end of life legal papers drawn up

enABLE has a client who needs to have some end of life legal papers drawn up, enABLE makes a referral out to 1-3 elder law attorneys and allows the client to select who they would like to work with.

Caregiving Partnerships

  • When we establish a partnership with a Caregiving Agency, we streamline communication by setting up weekly calls to discuss shared clients, and by sharing access to our Care Tree Portal allowing a comprehensive view of our Client and their needs. When we are brought in to work with existing clients of a Caregiving Agency, we bring our proven methods for assessing clients and creating care plans that work within the context of how the Agency works. We collaborate with each team to determine how to move the happiness needle for shared clients in a seamless fashion.

A Word to Our Vendors

We have more formal partnerships with certain entities. Work with enABLE to enhance the services you already offer. Our team of professionals are ready to work with you and your team to help you to provide elevated holistic care for your clients. Reach out for more details.

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