Beth Wysocki, MSW

Assistant Care Manager

Beth Wysocki

Beth Wysocki is the Lead Assistant Care Manager at enABLE and works hard to ensure her clients experience quality care management that enABLE strives for. Her education is in Social Work obtaining both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She is also Care Manager Certified with NAACM. Her experience with seniors comes from an assisted living environment as well as through a mental health background by serving as a clinical social worker intern at a medical practice. She also has experience working with those with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a case management and behavioral intervention lens.

Beth understands that the aging population is growing and more work and advocacy is needed to ensure that everyone can age with dignity and grace. 

In her role, Beth will be your loved one’s support system and will lend her knowledge of the systems that your loved one has to navigate to receive the best care possible. Beth will use her skills from her social work background to ensure that the clients she serves are happy, supported, and well cared for. 

In her personal time, Beth is newer to the San Francisco Bay Area and is off exploring what the area has to offer. She enjoys reading, hiking, and caring for her sweet kitty cat.

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