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Agency or Private Caregivers? Who will come when? How many hours are needed? What should they do while they are there?

Move into Assisted Living

When is it time to move? What are the different housing options available? Which type of housing option is appropriate? How much should it cost?

Medication Management

Are pills being taken in the right dosage and at the right time? How do you manage refills? What is the current medication list?

Medical Coordination

Who is making sure doctor appointments are attended? What did the doctor really say or advise? Who implements any changes in treatment or medications? Are there cheaper drug options?

Crisis Intervention

Has something happened that changed the course of your plan? Was there no plan in place to begin with? Need immediate help sorting it all out and determining next steps?

Family Mediation

Having trouble deciding who will do what tasks for mom or dad? Family can’t decide on the best course or action or can’t agree on next steps?

Financial and Legal Planning

Will your aging loved one outlive their money? Questions about a will, trust, or Power of Attorney? Have you planned appropriately?

Advocating & Advising

Are you getting good advice? Is what you read in that online article accurate? Being told something that just doesn’t sound right? Need someone who knows to just run a few things by?

Holistic Well-being

Need someone to do a wellness check on a loved one? Looking for ways to stimulate or engage an isolated person? Concerned about depression, anxiety, or memory loss in a loved one?

With enABLE Care Management, you and your family will have one dedicated professional to work with you to establish a customized plan of care and action. Your care manager will do a thorough home and client assessment, create a professional, individualized care plan, and steps for implementation. enABLE care managers become a trusted partner and work with you to make sure the wishes of your loved one are carried out to the best of our ability. Because we know all situations are different, enABLE offers three different service options:

Project Package

Care Management for a capped amount of hours to help during a time of crisis or with a specific “project”

Flat Fee Package

  • Immediate, Pay Upfront
  • Short-term Services
  • Capped Hours

Care Management

Ongoing planning, guidance, organization, and coordination of care

Ongoing Services

  • Hourly Rate, Invoiced Bi-Monthly
  • Long-term Help
  • Flexible Services

Housing Placement

Tours, meetings, advising and coordination of a move into Assisted Living

Flat Fee Package

  • Unlimited Hours, Pay Upfront
  • In-person Tours
  • Discount on Rent Negotiated

Medication Management Program

One time assessment or ongoing monitoring, coordinating, and administering of medications

Medication Management Services

  • One Time Assessment Package
  • Or Ongoing Hourly Services
  • Complete Medication Management by Licensed Nurses

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