Mia Enriquez, Gerontologist

CMC, Lead Care Manager

Mia Enriquez

Mia currently is a certified RCFE Administrator. She has owned and operated a 6-bed board and care home for the elderly for 15 years. In this role, she has helped improve the lives of residents by developing and managing individualized care plans, connecting them to support and services, and at times, finding creative solutions so that they are able to live their best possible life. Mia knows well that navigating through the senior care system and securing support and services can be overwhelming.

She genuinely finds joy helping families seek solutions that work for them and that promote safety, well-being and quality of life. She brings this passion to her role as Care Manager for enABLE Care Management.

Mia studied Sociology at the University of California, Irvine and has her Masters in Gerontology from San Francisco State University. Mia is a certified Care Manager through NACCM. She is a member of the Gerontology Honor Society and Aging Life Care Association. Mia is also a certified CPR / First Aid instructor. When her grandmother needed care, Mia found her calling. Taking her grandmother to medical appointments and helping her navigate the healthcare system, Mia quickly realized the importance of senior advocacy, preventative care, and promoting overall well-being. This personal experience gave her a clear vision and passion to work with seniors. We see this every day in her client interactions.

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