Gesenia Hernandez

Operations Manager, Mediator

Gesenia Hernandez, Executive Assistant

Gesenia Hernandez is our Operations Manager as well as a Mediator at enABLE Care Management. Prior to working with enABLE, Gesenia channeled her interest of helping others by working with younger children and individuals with special needs in a 1 on 1 and school setting. Gesenia has also worked with a production company where she was able to expand on her organization, attention to detail, fulfillment of processes, and extend a hand in any and all areas.

While with enABLE, Gesenia has been able to continue lending that extra hand to those who may need it in all realms of her position. While being able to work with Heroes and Clients to make sure that their billing process is as smooth and accommodating as possible, she also thrives to make sure that the enABLE Team is equipped with all that is needed. She is also able to play with her creative side as she helps organize events and celebrations for all who join the enABLE family.

In her personal time, Gesenia enjoys traveling, crafting/creating, reading, and attending conventions and events for classic and show cars. All while she is accompanied by her loving pug Cadi.

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