Pearl Cabalan

Pearl Cabalan – Gerontologist, Care Manager

Pearl Cabalan is a registered respiratory therapist and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy from San Joaquin Valley College, one of the select colleges in California who specialize in respiratory care. She has been in the industry since 2008 and has held various roles in healthcare, which have primed her for her role as an effective Care Manager. Initially trained as a licensed vocational nurse, she transitioned into respiratory care as her specialty because she identified that this is a prevalent concern in the senior population.  Her background and experiences include clinical skills in nursing and respiratory care, geriatric case management and acting as community liaison for elderly resources. She is well versed in senior living communities as well as acute and skilled settings. She is active in the community and her passion for seniors and patient advocacy make her a great fit for our enABLE Care Management team.