Judith Guilfoyle

Judith Guilfoyle, Gerontologist – Director of Community Relations

Judith completed a two-year certification program in Gerontology at San Francisco State University. In addition, she has obtained a certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Along with her academic accomplishments, Judith previously worked as a Long-Term Ombudsman for San Mateo County for 28 years. She recently retired from her role as a Long-Term Ombudsman Manager. Her expertise and knowledge has allowed her to be an advocate for “anyone” living in a long-term facility, such as an assisted living, nursing home and adult residential living for developmentally disabled residents. As a Long-Term Ombudsman, she was responsible for conducting in-services and trainings, investigating abuse, advocating for residents rights, and resident assessments. Her mediation and conflict resolution expertise has allowed her to provide advice, techniques, and solutions when problems arise between facility employees or family members. Furthermore, Judith’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 46, this was during a time where very little research and information was available. She didn’t know what to expect with her mother’s disease progression such as behaviors and physiological changes. She vowed to herself that no person should go through what she and her mother experienced alone and without a strong advocate. Judith’s extensive professional and personal experience in healthcare have made her a key part of enABLE’s team as Director of Community Relations. As a retired Long-Term Ombudsman she aspires to continue to be involved and be an advocate for families seeking care for a loved one.