A look back at 2023 and onward into 2024!

Dear Friends + Colleagues,

It is with open arms that we welcome 2024!  We have so much to look forward to and that we are excited about for the year ahead.  As we reflected back on what the year was like for us, it became apparent pretty quickly that 2023 was an incredible year of growth! We feel so proud of what we have accomplished, the team we have built, and the work we are doing with our Clients that we would like to share some of that with you.

Peace of Mind: What we have done for clients families

In 2023, the work we have done with our Clients has saved the families that we work with countless hours of time spent managing the care needs of their loved ones.  We have taken Clients on outings to museums, restaurants, walks in the neighborhood, shopping, to get their hair done. We have celebrated Birthdays, ordered groceries, attended countless doctor’s visits, socialized, offered enrichment activities, managed medications, stabilized unstable situations, we have worked with the vast ecosystem that each human we work with touches and we have done so with our Clients at the center.   We have instituted Care Plans and helped people to connect to trusted caregivers, doctors, attorneys, money managers, fiduciaries, insurance specialists, the list goes on and on.  We have made homes safer, and helped our Clients by understanding what will make them happy today, and then we execute on that.

Growing, Growing, Grown

We brought on several new team members that have been incredible additions to our team, Priti, Camille, Autumn, our therapy dog, and last but not least, new life was added to the enABLE family with a birth just days before the New Year.  We expanded into a new office, rebranded our website, and grew our Champions of Chaos Support Group exponentially.

We Have Made New Friends

Aside from all of the new friends we have made in Clients and Family Members, we have established new partnerships and have expanded our reach throughout the bay area, furthering us toward our goal of helping as many people navigate this time of life as possible.

We Have Shared Information + Undergone Trainings

I had the opportunity to author a chapter in the Book Eldercare 101 by Mary Jo Saavedra which was published in 2023. We have shared information about Care Management through speaking engagements at the Danville Senior Center, San Mateo Library, in the Stanford Parkinson’s Support Group, in Training Mondays with other Care Management Agencies, we have shared trainings on End of Life Doula work, Mediation, and Nutrition.  I chaired the National ALCA Conference, and our team has attended numerous  trainings for Mediation, End of Life Doula, SageCare LGBTQ+ Training, Elder Abuse, Certified Dementia Specialist Training, Sexual Harassment, Home Safety Trainings and beyond.

New Technologies and Tools

We are exploring new technologies and Tools!  We’ve improved operational systems to maximize organization, efficiency and accuracy on the administrative side of things by updating our tech stack. We have provided access to Care Tree for family members to increase transparency around all of the work we are doing with their loved ones.  On the Clinical side, we have been exploring a couple of new technologies, working in partnership with Dose Packer, to increase efficiency and reliability in medication management, and we have been experimenting with Lifeguard Health Home monitoring systems in efforts to keep clients at home, and safer for longer. 

We Gave Back

This year we were fortunate to be able to support organizations we believe in with donations to Coastside Hope and ALAS. In addition, we had the opportunity to perform some pro bono work when I received a call from a nephew located out of the area who wanted us to pay a wellness visit to his uncle.  We uncovered suspected elder abuse and did a significant amount of work with the nephew to help sort out what was happening.  While we never like to discover suspected elder abuse, we are very happy to have been able to assist in creating a safer environment for his uncle. 

Looking Ahead

As we look to 2024, enABLE is planning to serve as many clients in as many geographies as we are able. We are planning to offer pet therapy with our therapy dog in training, Autumn. And we are looking to use data that we have collected over the years to illustrate how Care Management improves health outcomes for the Clients that we serve. We will continue to grow our team, invest in helping them become the best Care Managers around, and providing  excellent Care Management for all who put their trust in us.

Wishing you the best in 2024 and thanks for all of your continued support!


Steph Peters

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